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I make all my gifs and edits and I get stolen from a lot, so please let me know if I have been stolen from!
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okay even more connections in the disney princess world

what if Prince Charming and Prince Eric are related? I mean they kind of sort of look related



distant cousins maybe?

Why I bring this up you may ask, WELL

Prince Charming’s dad is at Eric’s wedding! 


not to mention that Ariel found the shipwreck of Anna and Elsa’s parentsimage


and I believe that Anna and Elsa’s mom is Rapunzel’s mom’s sisterimage


so of course we all know this


so what if ALL the disney princesses are related in some way? 

RIP Mickey Rooney, voice of Tod in Fox and the Hound

I couldn’t wait, I got my #Anna from #Disney #frozen wig today. I just couldn’t wait to share it, I was gonna share it when I got my dress tomorrow, but no waiting for me!! #cosplay #lookoutdenvercomiccon

I wanted to share my soon to be cosplay with my disney followers!
Idk if you've received any messages about this but someone reposted one of your gifs (in a compilation with other gifs)

oh gosh, of course they did!! can you tell me who did this?

congratulations to frozen for let it go!