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perfectdisneychallenge: Day 10-Favorite Non Disney Animated Movie

I know this is not traditional in a Disney challenge, but I’ll admit, this was a excuse to make a cats don’t dance post. Most people’s post for this is going to be Anastasia, Cats Don’t Dance, takes the cake for me.I think we all have a movie and we say “oh I wish this was disney, so it can be one of my favorite disney movies, or for it to have more products to buy” Well, that’s cats don’t dance for me. A adorable story about Danny who moves to hollywood to become Danny the song and dance cat. But in a town that only allows animals to not talk and be animals in the movie, Danny tries to figure out a way to change that. And falls in love with Sawyer along the way. This movie has affected me so much, that I plan on naming my first daughter, Sawyer.